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Olga. 34. Russian. phd student. currently living in Madrid. classic cinema, Deborah Kerr, Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Julie Andrews, Vivien Leigh, Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Mitchum, John Huston, Orson Welles and many others.

favourite tv shows:
Jeeves&Wooster, Battlestar Galactica, Damages, House (pre-S7), Golden Girls, Kingdom, The West Wing, Major Crimes, Orphan Black, Last Tango in Halifax, Castle, Doctor Who

currently watching:
Castle (S6), The Good Wife (S5), Endeavour (S2)

i co-run TheDeborahKerr



Cary Grant in Big Brown Eyes (1936)

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The Clones and Layered Clones of Season One

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Let’s Talk About Movies:

PSYCHO (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Motifs are generally so unobtrusive in a film that they can pass unnoticed even after repeated viewings. In Psycho, for example, Hitchcock employed the “doubles” motif with great density. The 2 pairs of leading actors (Janet Leigh/Vera Miles and Anthony Perkins/John Gavin) were cast according to physical resemblances, which suggest psychological similarities. Many of the scenes feature mirrors, which reinforce the doubles motif, as well as suggesting themes of reality versus illusion, truth versus deception, and conscious behavior versus impulse.

Giannetti, Louis D. Understanding Movies second edition. New Jersey, 1976.

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"You called all these people and told them everything."  "I’m doing this to help you."  (1.09, Unconscious Selection)

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Charade (1963)

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Tip: Don’t get into a fight with Pamela.

Because she will throw fireballs at you with her eyes.

And you will die.

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 asked: Alfred Hitchcock

Favorite film: Notorious (1946)

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Walter Pidgeon in Big Brown Eyes (1936)

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You know what he told me about you? He called you names. He called you a little piece of chicken.

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Just Lix being Lix: A collection of lol nope Randall moments

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Orphan Black meme » 7 funny moments (1/7)

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